World War 3, Rate Hikes, Recession & Silver

World War 3, Rate Hikes, Recession & Silver

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Several eastern Ukrainian provinces will soon be holding referendums to join Russia. Today Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, indicated that if annexed by Russia, nuclear weapons may be used to defend these new territories.

Add that to the recent mobilization and nuclear threats from Vladimir Putin, and it seems like we are inexorably sliding closer to WW3 each day.

If the bombs start falling, I expect the price of precious metals like gold and silver to surge, and also the general economy to experience stress like we’ve never witnessed. That’s why now, during these relatively good times, we all need to be doing our best to get prepared.

In other news, the Fed just hiked rates by another 75 basis points, and while stocks and cryptocurrency sold off on the news, gold and silver have held up rather well.

Also, the Biden administration has announced it is considering refilling the strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) at $80/barrel. However, this plan is not likely to come to fruition. Despite the current sales from the SPR and the looming threat of recession, the price of oil remains stubbornly above $80/barrel, and any attempts by the govt to purchase at that price will likely drive prices up once again.

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Video Breakdown:
00:00 We’re Moving Closer To WW3 & A Hawkish Fed Is Hiking Rates As We Head Intro Recession
00:58 Vladimir Putin Has Mobilized Russia’s Military And Threatened The Use Of Nuclear Weapons
01:24 Russia’s Annexation Of The Donbas May Lead To Nuclear Weapons & WW3
03:54 The Fed Has Hiked Rates By Another 75 Basis Points, Gold & Silver Held Up Quite Well
04:38 If A Nuclear Weapon Is Used In Ukraine, Gold & Silver Will Surge
05:12 Mortgage Rates Just Hit The Highest Level Since 2008, But What’s Coming Isn’t A Real Estate Crisis
06:17 The Current Administration’s Plan To Fill The Strategic Petroleum Reserve At $80/barrel Will Not Succeed

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7 thoughts on “World War 3, Rate Hikes, Recession & Silver”

    1. Smart Silver Stacker

      I agree, hopefully, war can be averted, and everyone will be much worse off if ww3 kicks off. That being said, I think those who hold metals will be in a better spot than those who don’t in such an event.

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