Why I Just Bought $10,000.00 worth of SILVER | Silver Stacking | Silver Bullion, Investing In SILVER

Why I Just Bought $10,000.00 worth of SILVER | Silver Stacking | Silver Bullion, Investing In SILVER

Why I Just Bought $10,000.00 worth of SILVER? Should you buy Silver? Should you be investing in Silver Bullion? Let’s take a look at what over $10,000 in silver looks like. There are a number of reasons why I’ve been investing in Silver. I think silver demand will continue to increase. Renewable energy and electronics continue to require more silver every year. The demand for many assets continues to climb. I bought 300 oz of silver for 10% less than retail prices. I bought 100 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and 200 Canadian 2013 Antelope 1oz silver coins. I am really happy to have added this silver to my silver stack. Let’s check out my silver purchase and find out why I would buy so much Silver!

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33 thoughts on “Why I Just Bought $10,000.00 worth of SILVER | Silver Stacking | Silver Bullion, Investing In SILVER”

  1. Good for you – glad you got a good deal on them. And that is great that your purchase is “off the books” from a private seller! I’m buying some silver this year to keep my collection going, but also saving for the next big dip like you said. I don’t think the spot price will ever get down to the level it was at in 2018, but I’m not as adventurous as you in buying that much silver right now. Keep stacking!

    1. Maple Stacker

      Thanks for the comment roy willows! Gold definitely plays an important role in the global financial system.

    1. Maple Stacker

      Thanks for watching Beverly! I bought them in a private deal. You can check ebay or Craigslist for people selling silver.

  2. Canada gold and silver collector

    In canada you have to pay capital gains which absolutely sucks… so the government really does know what your doing here

  3. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7)
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  4. Marcus Aurelius

    Beautiful coins. I personally like maples leafs that contain the middle-age and young queen, before 2000. I am having a hard time with the older queen, but your coins are awesome nonetheless. Cheers, Marcus

    1. Thanks for the comment Marcus Aurelius! That’s interesting. I usually hear that people like the newer DNA Maples. Thanks for watching Marcus!

    MEXICO, THE #1 silver producer in the world just forbid silver extraction by foreign interests. Only Mexico can extract it for the benefit of the nation. This happened just yesterday, this will drive the price of silver up since the world’s top producer just cease the extraction for the international markets.

    1. Thanks for the comment Omar! I can’t find any news. What was your source for that information? Thanks for watching!

  6. Largest purchase I made was a kilo bar of silver. Even a troy ounce of gold is out of my budget. 🥲

  7. I’m new to stacking you made a reference to security and preventing milking. What year did that begin ?
    Thanks for you input!

    1. Maple Stacker

      Thanks for watching LR Williams! I believe 2018 is when the Mintshield was introduced to prevent milk spotting. 2014 was the introduction of the bullion DNA to help prevent counterfeiting. Welcome to the stacking community! What have you bought? Or what do you have your eyes on?

  8. Cali Leather Designs

    Hello , what your thoughts on Asahi Buffalo 1oz silver rounds ???
    What is Asahi?
    Would u buy a big bulk of it ???

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