Tier Ranking Every Silver Bullion Item

Tier Ranking Every Silver Bullion Item

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to decide which silver bullion items are the best. Which Silver bullion, coins, and other silver items are worth buying and which are worth skipping. Agree with my choices? Disagree? Do it yourself, screenshot it and tag me on insta @thesilverpicker


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How this works (0:00)
40% Kennedy Halves (2:22)
American Silver Eagles (4:16)
Canadian Maple Leaf (5:43)
US Junk Silver (6:44)
Generic Silver Rounds (8:28)
Graded Silver Bullion (10:36)
Australian Kookaburras (12:06)
Mexican Libertad (13:10)
Pop Culture Licensed Silver Bullion (14:43)
Machine Pressed Silver Bars (16:39)
Chinese Silver Pandas (18:08)
Austria Philharmoniker (19:26)
Hand Poured Silver Bars (20:55)
Premium Collectible Bullion (22:34)
Sterling Silver Scrap (24:48)
Silver Statues & Sculptures (28:11)
War Nickels (30:35)
World Junk Silver (32:00)
Final Results! (34:12)

28 thoughts on “Tier Ranking Every Silver Bullion Item”

  1. Looks like 100K subs today maybe. When dealing with silver, I prefer to ignore numismatic considerations that make the acquisition price higher. Of course I have plenty of graded silver coins but “junk” silver gives the biggest bang for the buck…

    1. @Silverpicker When you get the play button, please determine what type of metal it is with your acid kit…unless it’s plastic of course…

    1. Sir Rather Splendid

      I’ll say that too. Made me rethink my strategy slightly. I’ve got to push more into “junk” European silver.

    1. Sir Rather Splendid

      You can always sell them on to other collectors. Plenty of folk out there get their thrills from owning those MS69 slabs.

    2. @Sir Rather Splendid that’s why I started to collect them. There’s a pretty big market for them

  2. I like your selections. I guess might have to bite the bullet on the graded collections I’m completing but I like to finish what I start

  3. You’ve changed my perspective on silver!! I’ve heavily discounted the yard sale grabs and constitutional silver has always been a top for me but the fact I can get fractional silver for close to spot is where the hidden value is.

    My LCS is charging $5 a gram for .999 but I can pick up 2.5 grams for less than $2.5

  4. S: Maples and 5ozs/10ozs/kilos for weight.- Best buy/sell spread of all candidates.
    B: ASEs during dips and Libertads if I can even get them.
    C: As semi-collectable. Geiger/Fortuna/RCM/Britannia bars. Also Kooks/Dragon bar/Swan etc.
    F: Everything else.

  5. Sir Rather Splendid

    In most of Europe we get saddled with a 20% tax (actually VAT) on silver bought from companies. It kind of messes with the tier list, but perhaps creates an SS tier for our local equivalent of junk silver.
    (BTW, US junk silver is surprisingly hard to source over here and generally worth over spot.)

  6. Sir Rather Splendid

    Not a fan of those multi-coloured commemorative monstrosities, especially the prices — often +100% to +200% over spot. I’d be tempted to relegate them to ‘F’ tier (LoL). The mints seem to have fallen in love with them and are pumping them out by the truckload.

    Was amused to read a comment a few days back with someone asking how to remove the coloured design from such coins.

  7. I am more of a stacker than collector but… Kooks same tier as 40%!? Hell No! 40% is waste of money and space man.. Kooks can actually gain value as years go by.. i would put the 40%ers in F or D max. 🙂

  8. The only disagreement I have with this is your placement of the Philharmonics! IMHO they’re not unknown and they have the lowest premium of any government bullion coin I can find.

  9. Adorecream 1976

    A good video that could have lasted half as long. Blah blah blah too much. Disagree about Premium junque silver. – Category F

  10. Right after I graduated high school, I got a job at a local coin store. At one point, we had 3,000 war nickels in the back room. Nobody ever wanted them

  11. I love scrap and I have us/world junk silver even 40%/35% and commerative stuff

    My next plan is to buy something bigger probably a Panamanian 20 Balboa or two

  12. Loved the rankings and was close to yours. Wondering why you’re throwing shade on the Britannia. My favorite government bullion. Great balance of design, purity, premium and security

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