This Is Stunning Silver!

This Is Stunning Silver!

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Germania Beasts – Fenrir 1 oz Silver BU

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Germania Mint presents the second reveal of the mythical bestiary… Fenrir 1 oz Silver BU is another long-awaited coin by Collectors in the Beasts series, which will soon be off the chain, wreaking havoc in the numismatic world.

Fenrir – a giant wolf with jaws reaching earth and sky, heralding the fall of the divine world. Raised in Asgard under the tutelage of Odin, and eventually bound by the magical yoke of Gleipnir, Fenrir suffered unimaginable torment. According to prophecy, an earthquake will destroy Gleipnir, and the freed Fenrir will slay Odin in a great battle between gods and giants, giving the beast eternal memory.

The design of the next coin in the Beasts series continues the concept of the figure encompassing obverse and reverse, which when placed side by side give a picture of the whole design. The obverse of the coin shows the head and torso of the mythical wolf. The reverse shows the torso of Fenrir and the symbol of the two-headed eagle inherent in Germania Mint.

The Fenrir 1 oz Silver BU coin will be issued in a mintage of 25 000 pieces with a certificate and placed in a lens capsule that protects the coin and increases its collector value.

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31 thoughts on “This Is Stunning Silver!”

    1. What about dogs with leashes? Leashes are outdated and need to become history. Harness+lanyard lol

      Some places it’s law to have dogs staked if a fence isn’t an option.

      Like BYB said, it’s mythology. If you want to get into semantics you should read the Book of Genesis. If man’s blood is shed then by man’s hand should blood be shed meaning every time a dog bites somebody that dog is supposed to be put down. Same thing when a cat scratches you. Do we follow that rule? That was given to us by our Creator. Human life is more valuable than animals, and should be regarded as such which is why sometimes dogs are to be restrained as to not harm the Neighbors

    2. Ok thanks for the comment. I understand that I need more education in mythology. I had no intention to offend the people who produce or own or like this coin. I just wrote a quick comment to tell my first impression when seeing the images.

    3. S T Ω R M W 𖤐 L F

      The bounds are gone now, in the 14th century Ragnarok occured if you go by Earth’s timeline (Midgard), i got free and took the hammer Mjǫllnir, now we are 1. ⚡️🐺

    1. @Backyard Bullion as expected, only a leg pull. I wonder since you do a review could that be offset against the tax implication. Always worth a try. Lol.

    2. It essentially has to be written on the books as payment in the form of goods. So you put on your books a market value of what you are given.

    3. @Backyard Bullion shame because in essence they send it to you because of your status within the YouTube and coin community. Don’t you just love the tax man

  1. S T Ω R M W 𖤐 L F

    I got my revenge on the Gods for binding me in Ragnarok with that damn sword in my mouth, in the 14th century on earth; known to me as Midgard. The Æsir fell, i am Fenrisúlfr and now i have Mjǫllnir; hence ⚡️🐺 👍

    Thanks for making a coin of me ☄️

  2. The wolf is nice i like how the shiny and matt work off each other under your lighting, but i do prefer the Allegories round, great rounds just like the mint. thanks

  3. Germania Mint continue to produce interesting pieces, the bettter coins get the more people will want to join this great hobby and collect them. Fenrir is a great second release to the innovative 2 coin design, the 2 ravens Huginn and Muginn would make a cool 2 coin design, a tree branch across the 2 coins and a raven on both sides of the round that come together for 1 image.

  4. Either I’m googling wrong, or the Fenrir so far doesn’t really appear to be for sale in an awful lot of places yet.

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