Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Silver Prices – David Morgan | Silver Price Prediction

Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Silver Prices - David Morgan | Silver Price Prediction

Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Silver Prices – David Morgan | Silver Price Prediction

In this video David Morgan talks about coming Silver move.

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Silver On The Cusp Of A Move Higher | David Morgan


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37 thoughts on “Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Silver Prices – David Morgan | Silver Price Prediction”

  1. here we go everyone right back in the ditch again. The gurus will be proven wrong once again about a bottom in on silver and gold. Despite the show trial, the manipulation continues.

  2. What’s about to happen is another 10% decline. Premiums will continue to make the metal an impossible investment. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are dead and equities, while retaining much value, are continuing their march upwards. Cheerio!!!

    1. Yup…. everything these cats have been saying for the last ten years has been wrong. But just wait longer! That’s all we hear.

    2. mason appalachiantrail

      @JW 1983 because 10 years is soooooo long! Lol. I have socks older than that. Nothing is magic. If you want huge gains you might have to wait a huge amount of time. If you want a sure immediate return, buy treasuries and get your 3% per year.

  3. Worst investment I ever made 30 and 32$ paid now itsywoeth 19$ and going down more inflation hedge I don’t think so 8% inflation and silver down 35%

    1. Silver is the most undervalued asset in the world. A temporary decline in price just means that you can buy more of the limited supply for dirt cheap. $600 silver is a realistic number.

    2. Had you dollar cost averaged your stack and took advantage of the lows. Yo would have dollar cost averaged your stack down to $23. That’s including premiums. Wisdom here. There is some involvement in the stacker. Your creating your own economy. You set the 30-32 price because you nest egged it. 🙂

      I buy every time I have the opportunity, whether it is $20 an ounce or $30 an ounce is inconsequential

  4. Don’t throw your old electronics they often contain silver, gold and palladium. If your living pay cheque to pay cheque they might help you after the reset. If everyone held onto their electrics instead of throwing them it would severely reduce world silver supply from recycling and perhaps alter the power balance between the bankers and the people. It easy to do – just do nothing.

  5. Mr Morgan in this video says that 150 million ounces of silver comes from recycling and 850 million comes from mining. It is easy to see how not throwing out old electrical for an additional year or two would have a massive impact on such a tight silver market. This is an opportunity for even those living pay cheque to pay cheque to redress the balance of power between the bankers and other elites and themselves. The beauty of this it requires no effort – just do nothing and don’t throw your old toaster and microwave. After the reset a small fragment of gold and a little silver may also save them.

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    1. It’s one thing to invest and another to invest rightly, yes it is true that many do not have the required knowledge to change that fact but one thing you can implement at the moment is to choose to start investing rightly.

    2. There are qualified,experience traders who have spent time and resources,and leanrt these steps of taking highly profitable trades and even mastered them.the best you can do is to contact one and curb looses,of which agent Max is a reliable Source.

    3. Wow! nice meeting people who also trades with him, I couldn’t believe myself until I got my profit of $10,000 within an initial startup amount.

  7. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

    1. try Alex l orloff, he is very good. he is way better than other traders i have tried. my portfolio has increased to 270,000 already

  8. Overall, silver and gold are the last choice to make of any investment or insurance or whatever you want to call it. Good luck folks you’ve been scammed.

    1. @jester9 Every bar of silver / gold will be a NFT that can not be double sold like paper PM contacts are today. Global cross boarder payment’s will be in 3 seconds & not only cost a fraction of the transaction fee but uses a fraction of the energy making it much more environmentally friendly. In respect to companies transfering money around the globe, they will no longer need to hedge their currency transaction against price fluxion & banks will not need to have money sitting there in risky situations of trust.
      When massive companies like Black Rock & huge banks that once attempted to push down Crypto are now buying into it & writing favourable press releases you know the future is here & there is no going backwards!
      We don’t need computers & the internet was replaced by a massive reliance in it over a very short space if time & it’s going to be the same with Crypto.
      I’ll say it again, ‘ you do not need to understand Crypto, you just need to know that young people understand Crypto, they have been slowly trained in it all their lives!’
      It sounds like you are listerning to info about Bitcoin which is a dinosaur that in my opinion will fade away like the first computers & be sitting out the back room replaced by more advanced technology.

  9. You will know which is more valuable, a $20 bill or an ASE, right the way when you try to spending it. People will take the $20 in a heartbeat. For ASE, they will think about it.

  10. I ain’t worried because of the $18,500 weekly profit from Angela C. carr services. Goodluck Y’all staying broke😌

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