Silver Price Update… are Premiums Ever Coming Down?

Silver Price Update... are Premiums Ever Coming Down?

Are the Silver Price and Premiums to see if the Price for Physical Silver ever going to come down? Today we take a look at 6 different online retailers to see what their prices are for Silver Eagles and Silver rounds… and we also highlight a couple of Silver Price deals as well!

Check out the Spreadsheet and Bookmark it if you want to keep tracking the Silver Price Premiums from month to month!


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Silver Price Update… are Premiums Ever Coming Down?

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Info on How the Video Works
1:31 Generic 1oz Silver Rounds
3:28 2022 1oz American Silver Eagles
4:30 Random Date 1oz American Silver Eagles
5:28 Silver Price Deals – Honorable Mentions
6:40 Silver Premiums Tracker Spreadsheet
8:59 MEGA Silver Price Deal on 2022 Kangaroos
9:44 Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up

23 thoughts on “Silver Price Update… are Premiums Ever Coming Down?”

  1. It would be really nice if you gave the premiums in percentage instead of dollars. It really doesn’t matter the dollar amount, what matters is what percentage you are paying over spot. 3$ over spot is nothing if spot is 2000$ but if spot is 5$, then it would be an insane premium. By using percentages, you can compare with other metals, stocks, bonds, etc.

    1. The problem with that is that premiums aren’t quoted by percentage… look at the chart, doesn’t matter is Silver is 26 or 18, it’s still a flat number they’re charging.

    2. @Silver Seeker Agreed but it’s very easy to make the calculation. All you have to do is divide the premium by the spot price and you get the premium percentage.

    3. @Silverholic aye I know how to do the math, I guess I just don’t need the relevance as much as you do. I’ll see what I can do for future vids though, and thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Just wanted to give praise where they are due. You give us the most informative videos out of all metals YouTubers please keep them Coming!!!!!!! Thank you

  3. Can you include Maple Leaf since they are in a league in their own.

    10oz bars would be nice but that may be asking too much

  4. LeisureLife2068

    BOLD PRECIOUS METALS ,MONUMENT METALS and PINEHURST COINS are my go to online dealers but I dont buy Eagles. 10 oz RCM Bars and 5 gram Valcambi mainly

  5. Apmex spot price seems to always be 10 to 12 cents higher than SD Bullion. SD seems to consistently have better prices as well.

  6. Something to consider is that the sites list spot at different amount, for example Apex calculates something like $0.30 higher than Bold/Monument so $3 over spot isn’t the same from site to site. Also, need to add Bold to these reviews too, I find they are usually a touch cheaper than Monument metals which is always cheaper than SD, and of course JM and APMEX. Hero does ship to Minnesota so I don’t even consider them.

  7. Michael Painter

    Still waiting for capitulation, when stacking is no longer “popular”. Then premiums will be lower for the die-hards.

  8. Pinehurst Coins is my go-to online dealer. After taxes, they usually end up having the best prices for me. Not to mention, their shipping is lightning fast.

  9. the best deal is always the first time dealer deals at spot price,u just have to be to have to work the system.
    great video as always. ATX STACKER?DC JONEZ

  10. Good video. I try to buy the sale price and any quantity pricing. SDBULLION had the 10 year anniversary for $2.99 over spot with the first one at spot. If you live in Ca you need to spend $1500 or more to cancel the sales tax.

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