SILVER in London, COMEX is Increasingly Disappearing

SILVER in London, COMEX is Increasingly Disappearing

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Since the early 2020 pandemic-driven gold and silver bullion shortage arbitrage and the late Jan 2021 #Reddit #WallStreetSilver #SilverSqueeze phenomenon kicked off, the persistent demand for physical silver bullion has had near no let-up, spiking in strength, especially when spot silver prices fall as they have recently.

Confirmed by ongoing data, supposed silver warehoused in London has not been at levels this low since early 2016. Having now rolled over nearly -200 million ounces from its peak just after the Silver Squeeze kicked off in earnest in early 2021.

To better break down the silver bullion bar hoards supposedly sitting in London, one must first acknowledge that the vast majority of that London silver is supposedly unsecured ETF and ETP silver trust holdings. BullionStar’s Ronan Manly points out that about 2/3rds of this gray matter on the chart is supposedly SLV silver, the world’s largest unsecured silver ETF custodian managed by criminal RICO precious metals spoofing bank JP Morgan.

Of course, if you have followed along, you likely recall the ridiculous SLV prospectus change in early 2021 where the trust basically told its unsecured shareholders. They own nothing but a price mimicking derivative that they might not be able to get silver if global demand gets too strong. So basically, good luck as you underperform virtually any piece of silver bullion owned directly by investors worldwide.

What actual amount of silver bullion can actually be acquired and pulled from the aqua-colored section of this London silver warehouse pile is unknown. But I would bet strongly that it is much tinier than this chart.

But for devil’s advocacy, let’s say the reported silver bullion inventory float in London is around 10,000 metric tonnes… that is only just over 321 million ounces of silver bullion. The nation of India alone, when their silver demand remains persistently high like it has been this month, and last, that amount could be taken by them alone in just over a year running.

Turning to the North American COMEX side of this 1,000-ounce silver bullion bar off-take equation.

This week we saw a massive amount, nearly 5 million ounces of silver, left the deliverable registered pile into the not up for potential physical delivery eligible pile.

You can see the dark green line cascading downward, and sharply of late, about -100 million ounces have been sucked from the COMEX silver registered pile since the Reddit WallStreetSilver Silver Squeeze phenomenon began.

We’re now nearing falling COMEX registered silver warehouse inventory levels, back where they were when the spot silver price tripled from early 2010 to early 2011.

Silver bullion stackers are not only buying bullion hand over fist, they are also reveling in anonymously showing off to one another in forums where they rally around like-minded bullion stackers.

That is it for this week. As always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.

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26 thoughts on “SILVER in London, COMEX is Increasingly Disappearing”

  1. Hero Wars Upsets

    What’s the big deal if silver is getting out of COMEX and get stored in another warehouse???
    It’s still part of the total supply of silver, is not like it’s getting destroyed…

    1. ^̶whatsap±¹²¹³⁷⁷⁸⁸⁷⁵⁹

      🔝🔝 Life changing 🔝🔝
      ✍🏻✍🏻 Investment….✍🏻✍🏻

  2. Yeah, we are not in a recession. And inflation is “transitory “. This is not propaganda, it’s bull crap.

    1. ^̶whatsap±¹²¹³⁷⁷⁸⁸⁷⁵⁹

      🔝🔝 Life changing 🔝🔝
      ✍🏻✍🏻 Investment… ✍🏻✍🏻

    1. unlikely for the remainder of 2022 as the US Mint has gone on limited allocation for the Gold Buffalo and Gold Eagle coins


    Buy silver silver nitrate is used in rocket fuels and pharma industry and silver in quality soldering in electronics…buy silver than crypto currency

  4. manuel Fuhrich

    vvI < must say that you are the most erudite and smart analyst in the crypto space. First of all, you're just awesome! I've been following for months now and the cinematic videos, excellent insight and comedic tone is outstanding. Before anything else, I would like to say that no one can exactly predict in days how long a bear or bull market could last or how low and high the prices can go, but we can try to make predictions using past events, I think prices should run up a lot now, punishing panic sellers and forced sellers. Most new traders struggle at first to make sense of the markets and how to put their portfolio in a position to flourish. Many try to start on their own and quickly end up with a string of losses, slowly seeing their accounts dwindle to what it started off as. Everyone is looking at bitcoin price action from a 2021 bull run perspective. Everything has changed…we are in a recession, facing stagflation, rising rates, energy shortages driving food and living costs through the roof breaking the backs of consumers.

    1. I was down over 70% on Binance but with a great analysis from JAN a miracle happened and I re-entered the market and just had 200% more profit

    2. JAN is the man who changed my destiny. I was in debt and couldn’t pay off my mortgage because I lost everything in crypto trading. In a quick turn of events, he walked in and changed everything.

  5. I knew something was up when we wanted to give people $1200 every 6 months. Thank you govt for my ar and 2 tubes of ase’s. See y’all on the other side.

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