Silver Bars – The Last Refuge Of Low Premium Silver Bullion

Silver Bars - The Last Refuge Of Low Premium Silver Bullion

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Video Breakdown:
00:00 Silver Bars Are For Serious Stacking
01:35 Why stack silver at all?
03:23 Today Silver Bars Represent One Of The Best Ways To Stack Low Premium Silver
04:50 This Is Why Silver Bars Have Lower Premiums Than Silver Coins And Rounds?
06:10 These Are The Best Silver Bars To Be Stacking Right Now (I’ll Unbox One)
07:55 These Are Some Of The Silver Dealers I Have Bought From Recently
09:20 I Also Had To Stack This 5 oz Aztec Calendar Round!

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26 thoughts on “Silver Bars – The Last Refuge Of Low Premium Silver Bullion”

  1. i haven’t dove into bars yet. was at a coin show today and found a guy that sold me franklin halves…at spot. that was weird because it’s day one of a three day coin show. so i bought him out 😀

  2. 10 oz bars for me also. Sunshine mint is my favorite for now, if the gov. buys its silver rounds for stamping from them I am convinced their quality is on par. and will be worth something and valued later.

  3. Three toes stacker

    Love the bars but for me I go more for the old vintage poured bars,and any other silver that strikes my fancy. Just subbed

  4. Great video. Thinking about picking up some more 10oz bars, thinking prices may dip further this fall. What do you think about id-chipped bars? I do have one mint-ID bar I got off JM bullion. It did have a higher premium

  5. I like 10’s a lot but I don’t like to go higher than 5’s just for the extra liquidity and divisibility aspect. I like 1 oz bars as well but you usually find better premiums on 1oz rounds these days. Hard to find good premiums on 5oz bars and the lowest premium 10oz bars are just simply so generic compared to the low premium 1oz rounds which can easily be ALMOST just as cheap.

  6. I’m glad you did this segment SSS. I just spoke with a bullion dealer a few days ago and spread on the bid / ask for bars is much lower than coins as shown. If you are serious about investing 5 or 6 figures or more, acquiring a 2000 or 20,000 ounces is much easier with bars. Some dealer(s) have gotten into regulatory trouble for charging up to 33% over the spot price of a 1-ounce coin. The largest bar produced in the US is 1,000 ounces (62 1/2 pounds). I wouldn’t go less than 100 ounce bars. As well, when the supply and demand for silver takes off with people acquiring the physical bullion, that in itself will be a catalyst for a price surge. Remember that we are just about at par (2021) for production (1.1 billion oz.) vs consumption (910 mil oz.) Keep stacking for 2026/27.

    1. Why wouldn’t you go for a kilo bar over a 100 oz bar? The price per oz difference is trivail and does not commensate for the loss of liquidity IMHO. Having said that, I agree that bars are the way to go these days! Stack on!

    2. @AgPablo It depends on what is available, but 100 oz bar is fine. And that’s what I am going with and 1,,000 oz also. No coins.

  7. I agree–kilo silver bars is the pretty much the only way to go these days for stacking purposes (the additional tiny savings on 100 oz not worth the loss of liquidity). Personally, I’ve been regularly picking up brand new Germania and Valcambi kilo bars from my LCS at $1.85/oz over spot during the past year (which is why a sale at $2.49 over spot at SDB doesn’t really impress me). I used to be a big fan of soveriegn coins, but at today’s premiums, I won’t touch any of them for STACKING purposes, save for the token silver eagle or a few low mintage semi-numis that I really like (Black flag, Gods of Olympus, Chiwoos, Kooks etc) for the COLLECTION. Don’t you have an LCS that can do better than the online dealers? When the need for TRUE variety arises, I go for the hardcore numismatics–as in 300-500 year old large European silver coins (thalers, riksdaler, crowns, pieces of eight etc.) or the considerable younger classic American silver and gold coins, but I would not advice this for anyone whose stack is not up to par. Stack good and hard first, THEN treat yourself to the joys of numis!

  8. Hi everyone from the U.K. I bought my first 1kg bar about 5 months ago. Sadly I’m not in the same league as some of you guys but what a thrill just opening it up and holding it, weird huh! Great video, I have been stacking silver but smaller amounts, it’s fun, it’s what I can afford but yes sadly crazy premiums. Best to you all.

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