Putin Closes Nord Stream 1 – Economic Collapse & Inflation On Horizon

Putin Closes Nord Stream 1 - Economic Collapse & Inflation On Horizon

Vladimir Putin has announced that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline will remain closed until sanctions targeting Moscow are lifted. The European Union Commission has announced several steps designed to address this new development and the growing energy crisis, however I suspect that these responses will likely make the problem worse, not better.

As the economies of western Europe implode under the inflationary pressure of skyrocketing energy prices, the ripple effects will be felt around the world, and especially throughout the west. Gold and silver are time tested safe havens to preserve wealth through such uncertain times.

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20 thoughts on “Putin Closes Nord Stream 1 – Economic Collapse & Inflation On Horizon”

  1. TURN UP THE SCREWS!. I hate the evil leaders of the world! Putin might be the baddest guy in the world. But so long as he’s hurting the world’s dictators, I want to see him SUCCEED!
    The Tyrants only want to do lockdowns again and more mandates!

  2. Since I stopped listening to the one sided news being forced fed to us by the mainstream media. I find your videos to be very informative. Thank you for the time and research you put into this.😊👍👍

  3. I think it’s too early to tell at the moment. There are so many options concerning the global market that the possibilities are many. The EU talks a tough game but we’ll see their cards come winter. There are so many countries in western Europe they’ll never all be on the same page. You can see it already. Heads will roll when those people are cold and hungry come winter.

  4. Funny how not too long ago Putin was saying sanctions wont effect Russia, weak sanctions, Russia is independent they don’t need west.. And now they want them removed. So which one is it?

  5. How can a company like SD Bullion have a slogan of “The lowest price. Period.” when that’s clearly an outright falsehood?? They’re NOT the cheapest. Hero, Bold, and Monument are cheaper on a daily basis. Yet SD Bullion is the only bullion company that pushes their “christianity”, while having a slogan that’s an outright lie.

  6. Russia and friends are conducting a highly successful, well planned and implemented operation to destroy the West’s Central Banking System. They are going to collapse NATO and the UN while they are at it. No more favored world currencies, no more manipulation, no more international blackmail. I think the completely manipulated and fixed banking system is two steps from death. Thank God.

  7. Welp, that’s Putin’s option.
    Nato shoulda stayed out of Ukraine.
    Trump said that was a dangerous move by Germany back in like ’18 at the UN…
    And the Germany representatives present actually were laughing…

  8. it’s amazing that so much pain can be inflicted by such a small number of zionist gangsters. the elimination of two dozen people would put a very quick end to this fiasco, save the economies of the western world, and reduce the likelihood of nuclear obliteration by an exponential factor. target anyone waving a blue and yellow flag, save the world.

  9. The EU is still getting some Fuels, from China and Saudi(who BTW is going to Charge the US More than Asia for it!), I mean if an Ally (😝) can’t Screw You, Who Can? Anyways, this is Just The Beginning, as Evidence of the EU already Implementing Power Rationing, and Pooty Hasn’t Even Unleashed General Frost On Them Yet!🥶 And Anyone Listening that doesn’t Know the History of Anyone Waging Even A Small Conflict With Russia In Winter , Should Go Get A Refresher. Cause Pooty is Only getting Started, and I’m Sure His Next Target( after the EU CRUMBLES) is Our DOLLAR!! Time to Get Squirreling!🆗😉

  10. I think the europium economy is going to implode this winter. It will be the fuel the west need to get popular support for an all out offensive against Russia with the US directly involved. This war will at first sink the markets include stock, metals, and crypto’s but then will provide the excuse the fed needs to reverse their tightening policy. This will rebound the markets to new highs as easy money, zero or negative interest, and massive inflation. This will all collimate with the roll out of CBDCs the US fed coin. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to get bumpy.

  11. Nothing is moving through any pipelines. Includes Nordstream 1 and 2. Nothing moving through Turkey either. Not sure where the info came from stating otherwise. Turkey is receiving gas but through Black Sea gas drilling only.

  12. When gas and food are in short supply the EU countries will protect their own and that’s the end of the EU experiment.


  14. The EU has always been a controlling, dictatorial type of government. Fact that the EU Members of Parliament are not elected by the citizens is equivalent to how the CCP operates.

  15. Putting a price cap on something we can’t have. That will solve the problem. That’s how smart our politicians are.

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