My top 5 places to buy gold and silver bullion

My top 5 places to buy gold and silver bullion

Fist off I like to shop at my LCS (local coin shop)
But for some that’s not always an option so look to these bullion companies to find the best deals online each one has different deals each day and some times one price is better any given day so check them each day for the best deals online
I am not affiliated with any of these companies so no bias good luck and happy shopping

Monument metals
SD bullion
Hero bullion
BOLD Precious metals

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7 thoughts on “My top 5 places to buy gold and silver bullion”

  1. Your go to online Bullion dealer list is the same as mine. SD used to be at the top of my list because they almost always blew every other online dealers prices out of the water. In the last few months, Monument Metals has taken over my #1 spot… especially when it comes to buying silver. Occasionally you can find better prices when a sell is going on, but Monument is tough to beat most of the time. To all you new stackers out there… there is no such thing as a dumb question!! You SHOULD ask questions from Savage as well as other knowledgeable and established stackers in our community. Do your own research as well. Read everything you can find and constantly follow spot prices and follow the online websites for sales. You can sign up to receive emails from every online dealer and that definitely makes it easier to keep an eye out for good deals. The main thing is to START STACKING NOW!!✌️

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