It Got WORSE ** Dire REPORTS Around The World 🤪🤪 (Silver Gold Price)

It Got WORSE ** Dire REPORTS Around The World 🤪🤪 (Silver Gold Price)

Gold and silver investors may feel like they’re living in a funny farm, because all around us we see economic difficulties unfolding, but the United States Federal Reserve and Jerome Powell and the United States Treasury Department Janet Yellen continue to tell us that the economy is robust and flexible, what about the number of people not able to pay their utility bills, what about the record lines at food banks, what about small businesses not able to pay their rent, when the United States Federal Reserve is forced to Pivot to a more easy money policy that will be good news for the price forecast silver and gold.

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23 thoughts on “It Got WORSE ** Dire REPORTS Around The World 🤪🤪 (Silver Gold Price)”

  1. I felt uncomfortable about the bear with a plastic bag on his head.
    It did not make me feel welcome in RON”S BASEMENT.

    1. @Rons Basement  If things play out the way they could, premiums will seem like pennies. Silver COULD see new highs. Certainly not in the near future, but it’s certainly possible.
      One of the main reasons I buy it not only in silver form, but collectible, is fear of its price being manipulated somehow. Though I would like some bars lol But hey, even manipulation has to give at some point. It’s like a pressure cooker 😈

  2. Jerome Powell has as much credibility and believability as does Joe Biden. Both of these idiots are “F…king” the American people and the world economy.

  3. You europe energy bill up 2 3 our 4 hundred% over, this tells us ABSOLUTLY nothing, we don’t know what they pay per month in dollar amount, to calculate comparrison

  4. Why are you being mean to the bear! Bad enough you have him blindfolded, but now you are suffocating him! I feel like I am having a hard time breathing!

  5. They’ve come up with a way for copper to replace silver. In Solar panels. If copper will replace components in solar panels. It will work in all electronics. Silver is toast!!

  6. Bible numerology and astrology tells us we have three weeks before the economic crash.Europe will crumble in two weeks and the U.S. will follow a week after. Let’s see what happens.

  7. Dustin Deutscher

    You wanna look at real recession… Look at the price of food! That’s where real heart beat lays. If food is up 13.1% well that’s what people will guaranteed buy! Of course normal boogie commodity is going down.. nobody needs new Nike Jordan’s at this time… Bills and Food!

  8. Ron, here is my comment. This is all deception, no one is talking about why Jerome is forced to do what he is doing and he has no choice. Inflation, interest rates, China, on and on. Important stuff but not the battle Jerome and Jamie Diamond have joined. The real battle is with “The CIty of London Comapany” 400 year of evil sucking up the worlds wealth from blood and misery. Also the WEF, Gates, Soros, most of the superrich greedy monsters that meet at DAvos every year. it is not funny but Jerome and his buddys suddenly realized these 2030 monsters that intend to make us eat ctickets and own nothing are going to throw them on the trash heap too. You know how Tyrants work, when they get the power the first ones they sacrifice is the idiots that helped them get the power. Like getting rid of evidense or the ones who know how it happened. Don’t get me wrong Jerome is not concerned about us, his crew is worried about themselves and his weallth and power. Our rich bankers know they have to fight off these WEF that want too make us their slaves. That s after WEF kills off 5 billion people. So… suffer or not we have to do it to get the WEF off our neck. Yes, WEF owns Biden, OBama and the other politicians. We had no one on our side till now. We have some powerful guys on our side for the moment, but we will do some suffering. But the EU is going to suffer more and maybe the rest of the world even worse.

  9. Not around the world. There are very good news from Ukraine – at least for Ukrainians and their supporters. Ukrainian counteroffensive on north is quite fast and they liberating more and Ukrainian land, so there are people who are quite happy right now. 😉

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