How to Buy and Store Silver Bullion PROPERLY!

How to Buy and Store Silver Bullion PROPERLY!

In this Silver Pros Collab we talk about how to buy and store silver bullion properly. Silver Pros is a live stream with Silver Dragons and Yankee Stacking and is sponsored by Hero Bullion. When it comes to buying silver bullion in 2021 or whenever you are buying silver, you need to make sure that you are buying it from the right place and not getting scammed. One of the biggest silver stacking mistakes is buying fake silver. We recommend buying silver from a local coin shop or an online bullion dealer when you are new to investing in silver bullion. When it comes to properly and safely storing your silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins there are many silver stacking tips that we share as well. The best place to store your silver bullion is in a heavy hidden safe. We also go over some of the worst places to store your silver and the proper tubes, capsules, and flips to use as well!

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Below are some AWESOME products that I use:

✅ Coins
Inexpensive Scale for Weighing Silver and Gold
Black Ring Capsules for most Silver Bullion Coins (38mm)
Black Ring Capsules for American Silver Eagles (40mm)
Gloves for Handling Coins
uPVC Coin Flips

✅Metal Detecting
Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector
Minelab Pinpointer
Metal Detecting Finds Bag
Metal Detecting Shovel and Scoop

✅ Youtube
Cell Phone Tripod
Blue Snowball Microphone
Mic Stand and Filter
Cheap Lighting Setup

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21 thoughts on “How to Buy and Store Silver Bullion PROPERLY!”

  1. Another tip for hiding coins is don’t tell everyone you have it. Keep it between you and your close friends and family. Don’t post on social media etc. if you don’t talk about it then you are not a target for that particular reason. Also a security system helps too.

  2. I watched you demo a tube with a green top, called Garden something, it was easy for you to take the top off, but i exited & didnt get the exact name of the tube, please give me the name of this product. Thk you!

  3. A Google user

    I’m a newbie. Can you please explain what was being done at the 8:00 point? I’m assuming it was some kind of magnet test?

  4. I have just over 80 ounce of silver (and counting) all in coins, I keep it in a small cardboard box beside all my junk.

  5. Angel Galarza

    I don’t mean to be annoying here but I think we just told everyone where to look for this stuff LOL

  6. patricia holland

    Thank you both as I knew stacker who’s using this as a way to get closer with my grandchildren I didn’t think about not talking about it so much must be safe keeps kids safe

  7. Billy Guadarrama

    How should the persons living in apartments store silver? Being that they are unable to bolt the safe into the ground or make a whole in the wall?

  8. Don’t make your storage container key easily accessible either store ot in a water tight container bottom of a lake

  9. Michael Buckley

    Years ago on my Birthday I got my Gold/Silver stolen while out for Dinner.
    It was in my closet in a heavish safe hidden under clothes.
    They broke open the safe, but it back the way it was, so I didn’t even notice until the next morning.
    Cop’s were called, investigated the scene.
    I called and went to local coin dealers and pawnshops so they could be on the look out for anyone trying to sell my coins.
    (Unsolved mystery).

    PS my sister’s say I should keep my new collection in a bank “Safe Depot Box ” !!!

    In the ground in the backyard 🙂 is a good idea for me.
    Or up in the mountains in a tree stump.

  10. My two favorite stacking channels and discussing what I need as a new stacker. Just found a LCS. Been there only twice and feels like family. Only got like $75. Face value to start, but already planning many more visits.

  11. My LCS does ask me personal questions, like, “where is your better half?” Ha ha. What a wonderful guy he is. A few years in and he is the ONLY LCS I do business with. Now, I’m in Oregon, like “Dragons” and years ago met Dennis and he’s awesome too and if the deal is right, I’d deal with him for sure. I should probably go in there and establish a business relationship as well. But it’s great to have a good business and friendship relationship with your LCS like knowing your both always exercise the 2A and have the back of the other. Good times. I no longer deal with APMEX or JM. It’s only SD and Hero for me now as they still take money orders and I prefer to be “off the government radar” which is what we as stackers are or should be all about…

  12. here it is September 5th apparently this is an old video I’m watching because Silver’s at 17 or $18 an ounce right now not 25 anybody that jumped on the silver market at $25 I feel sorry for you

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