Gold & Silver Investors Turning Away From The US Mint

Gold & Silver Investors Turning Away From The US Mint

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21 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Investors Turning Away From The US Mint”

  1. Pay the high price on sliver. You will wait a long time to sell unless you want to take a loss. Sliver is not on sale . Keep listening to these youtub metal pumpers. For years sll zi heted was 600.00 sliver 10.000.00 gold.

    1. Absolutely true.. A lot of Dealers will sell for $14 or $15 over spot and when you sell to them.. they only pay a few bucks over spot themselves. WHATA RACKETT!! 👎

  2. A lot of people set a minimum they wanted like me. Now we just get pretty stuff to add to the collection side. Perth kicks it with designs

  3. Mando Dad Stacker

    I had a west coast wedge-tailed eagle flew over the top of my car once. The wingspan created a shadow covering the whole width of the car! It was epic. 🍻

  4. I stopped after the 2019s ASE ERP cluster fudge, then the icing was the the limited gold series they pre sold out to dealers and left us hanging.

  5. I agree the Perth Mint has better or more aggressive marketing, with that said they have the coolest looking coins! Thank you Sal

  6. For context, Australia has 1/13 as many people as the US. Obviously Perth Mint would also sell to Asia but the US mint is the largest in the world and that US mint figures are down while Perth Mjnt is up while out performing the US mint says it all. The premiums of the US mint and monopoly of US bullion dealers is the real issue, corporate greed has taken over.

  7. The mint is raising prices once again. IMHO, the prices are already too high. Silver and gold prices drop, yet the mint raises their prices. SMH.

  8. There are for sure much prettier coins out there for less. I quit buying coins I’m doing bars. The buybacks on coins are not very good unless it’s an eagle. It’s not worth the extra money to buy the eagle. I’m all about the ounces now. Bars Stack up and fit into a box much better.

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