Gold, Silver and Napoleon Turned France From Basket Case to Empire.

Gold, Silver and Napoleon Turned France From Basket Case to Empire.

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Today we will refer to one of my favorite books on money and inflation to show how Napoleon Bonaparte was able to turn France and its government around.

Our conclusion is that the old saying that “whoever has the gold makes the rules” was applicable back not only in Napoleon’s time but also today.

Fiat Money Inflation by Andrew Dickson White:


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16 thoughts on “Gold, Silver and Napoleon Turned France From Basket Case to Empire.”

  1. Good morning, Sir Mario. Your history lessons are greatly appreciated. You are RIGHT, “He who holds the gold. makes the rules.”

  2. Number two Like Avis. We try harder. My Dad was VP of labor relations thirty years. Took the company public. He’d be very happy for today’s price

  3. Putin is similar to Napoleon. Both were groomed as disciples of the Cabal. Both rejected their handlers and their countries boomed. The US has yet to do that but Britain never will.

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