Craig Hemke – Powell’s ‘Pain’ Warning Foreshadowing a Crash Ahead?

Craig Hemke - Powell's 'Pain' Warning Foreshadowing a Crash Ahead?

SBTV spoke with Craig Hemke, founder of TF Metals Report, about the latest Powell warning of ‘pain’ as the Fed tries to tamp down multi-decade high inflation. Is the Fed beginning to manage expectations knowing that an economic crash is near?

Craig Hemke’s TF Metals Report:

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
02:21 Crisis of confidence
10:06 Fed’s ‘pain’ warning
13:05 History repeating
21:15 A scam system about to be exposed
25:15 An end to price manipulation?
28:27 Appointing a fox to guard hens
29:25 An awakening is nigh

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8 thoughts on “Craig Hemke – Powell’s ‘Pain’ Warning Foreshadowing a Crash Ahead?”

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    Join us for the next live stream on 11 September at 9pm EST as we discuss the latest economic news and precious metals!

  2. they’re using the dollar to destroy all other currencies. then and only then will they let the dollar collapse. until then, if your not in the usa, sit in the dollar, or in gold/silver valued in dollars.

  3. Chris Cartwright

    CBDC’s may be the only way that Central Banks , can eventually Reset currencies to a commodity ( Gold )
    standard ,using an Algo annually or as agreed . The worlds huge debt will have to written off somehow .

  4. “Tools”, ha!
    The fed has but one trick to play..
    Rates up, or rates down!
    And there is nothing sophisticated about it.

  5. Craig, you’re forgetting the WEF agenda. CBDCs will come in when they execute the scenario they game-planned in Tokyo in Dec. 2021 in a meeting with the OECD countries.
    Summary: a cyber attack cripples the international system. “The attackers are always steps ahead “. The system is frozen for two weeks. They bring in CBDCs. House prices get reset. More controls. People forget about what was worrying them before.
    A new trap is sprung.

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