Bullion Now LIVE In-Store – Friday Spectacular

Bullion Now LIVE In-Store - Friday Spectacular

Bullion Now LIVE! Join us at 2:30pm AEST to talk bullion, answer your questions via live chat … Buy your favourite gold and silver bullion from your favourite bullion dealer at http://www.bullionnow.com.au/store

Need to buy gold or silver in Melbourne, Australia? Come see Bullion Now for all your gold and silver bar and coin needs, now located right in the heart of the city! Need something a bit more special? Little Coin Shop has you covered with the best collection of collector’s items!

And if you need to sell gold, silver or other precious metals… we pay 100% of spot price. To our knowledge, that’s the best in the business.

Bullion Now & Little Coin Shop
Suite 605, Level 6
227 Collins St

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10 thoughts on “Bullion Now LIVE In-Store – Friday Spectacular”

  1. Spewing I miss this live stream I have to be a mod at the silver squad channel on Friday’s , but I love it

  2. The best for cleaning silver is baking soda in a alfoil lined glass dish , boiling water then a few tablespoons of baking soda and presto comes out so shiny and it’s fast

    1. This is the way 😎

      And the results are instant. It removes silver sulfide (tarnish) via a chemical reaction and transfers the sulfur to the foil via electrons. It’s one of the least destructive silver cleaning methods because it’s non acidic and no scrubbing required.

  3. I’ve always wondered about that. You hear about alluvial gold all the time, is there such a thing as alluvial silver?

  4. What happens when you receive cracked or defective coins and capsules? Do the Mints take responsibility or is the loss absorbed? Seems unfair if absorbed?

  5. I’m in the UK so never get to ask a question live – just wondering why Michael doesn’t like coloured coins? To me a lot of them look awful, like they’re covered in flecks of paint. Is it difficult to melt down coloured coins? I bought the Perth Mint silver Tutankhamun coin after seeing your unboxing and that looks great.

  6. Mostly OUTDOORS

    How can you stream from the store on a Friday 🤭🤭🤭 many a time I have sat in both of those chairs, personally I found them quite comfortable

  7. Matt: I love the mythical coins
    what are your thoughts on the Pegasus coins: not interested, dont care for it at all, it does nothing for me

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