$100 Silver Price SOUNDS Great… But, Would I Even Sell?

$100 Silver Price SOUNDS Great... But, Would I Even Sell?

$100 per ounce Silver Price sounds great doesn’t it… but, would you even SELL your Silver if it hit $100 per oz? Let me know in the comments!

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$100 Silver Price SOUNDS Great… But, Would I Even Sell?

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25 thoughts on “$100 Silver Price SOUNDS Great… But, Would I Even Sell?”

  1. No because the prices of everything else would insane. Now if I sell my stack at 100$ I’m relocating to a location away from US

  2. kentuckycunctator

    When you wake up one morning and silver has jumped to 100 bucks an ounce, you’ll have more to worry about than selling your stack.

    1. Richard Contini Jr

      Not true at all there will always be plenty of buyers. You might not be one of them but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a thriving market.

  3. Following your math, perspective and scenarios, I would do and agree with 100% of what you said. I would take the money but it would definitely be invested in something else. I love your intelligent thought-provoking videos always. Thank you, and God bless

  4. Thanks for another great one, Silver Seeker! I agree that the strength or weakness of the dollar will dictate the sell vs hold option for me at the $100/oz level. Keep stackin y’all! 🤙🏻

  5. The Silver Stacking Bot, Inc.

    I agree. If it went to $100 because of the dollar crashed, I would keep it. But if something caused, like someone trying to buy up all of it, then I would sell every single ounce. I would do this because that price will fall shortly after it rose. And i would buy it all back, plus more.

    1. I starting selling my stack when it hit 30 bucks an ounce and am very glad I did. Just felt like that was too high for silver to be and once the fear of covid went away the spot price would drop.

  6. When sliver was at 40.00 a few years back I new a coin dealer would no buy it because the price was short lived which he was right.

  7. The government spent 523 billion dollars in August. Just give it time…they are still increasing their spending and silver will be Queen one day soon

  8. Never trade silver for paper. Ever!!!
    Move silver to gold when gold silver ratio goes down using Fibonacci sequence.

    45:1 trade 1% of your stack
    40:1 trade 2%
    35:1 trade 3%
    30:1 trade 5%
    25:1 trade 8%
    20:1 trade 13%
    15:1 trade 21%
    10:1 trade 34%

    Buy other assets. Land, stocks of market crashes etc.
    Never ever trade for fiat.

  9. I’m with you Seeker. If silver goes that high I might sell some if silver ever went way up (without the USD crashing and burning) just to lower my DCA. That said I doubt we’ll see hundred dollar silver anytime soon.

  10. If it hit $100 an ounce pretty much over night, who would you sell it to? Who would be buying it? If it went up to that height with the dollar strong, would the shops still purchase at that price? Could they afford to? Would anyone in the public be willing to buy it at that price? Would stackers still be stacking and buying to hold it up at that price? I’d question whether supply and demand would ever allow it to get that high. Unless some tech company really needed it, making the supply really short, and driving the price up that way, but then the only one interested in buying it would be tech companies for industry willing to pay that and you’d have to sell your silver to get it melted, so the only ones interested in buying it might be the smelters? Would they be buying it at that price or buying it much lower so they could sell it at that price?

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